For offshoring to be successful, it’s all about the talent

EOR is a new idea for folks who have built their careers with good brands on direct payroll all their life. We recognize that they need a lot more than an email login to an EOR platform to make the switch

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Address the Mindset  Challenge

  • Just as it is for most companies, the EOR model is also new to talent. Questions around career sustainability, growth, inclusivity in global teams - these are all pertinent and relevant questions as talent explores global opportunities through an EOR model
  • Kaamwork takes a talent-first approach and in almost all cases, reaches out to your hires to walk them through all aspects of the model, including answering the tough questions around job security and equitable treatment in an EOR model
  • We also work with your teams to ensure the projection of the roles being hired is true to form - imperative that your managers buy into the fact that the Kaamwork EOR model is for operational and economic efficiency and not to hire differently vis-a-vis regular FTE hires

Attract Talent

  • If your talent bar implies that you will be hiring from blue-chip names such as Amazon and Expedia through Kaamwork, we ensure that your benefits, growth story narration, as well as the quality of work for new hires matches the aspirations of such a talent pool - we view this as the core foundation for success
  • We work with you to create LinkedIn and other posts detailing your expansion plans in India, and your commitment to growing the team locally - this helps set the narrative and in-turn helps in-bound applications to your job openings
  • The proof is in the pudding as they say - here is a list of brands representing previous employers of folks now working with companies across the Kaamwork platform

Key Profiles

    Dheeraja Tallapragada
    Dheeraja Tallapragada
    Business Consultant at Ideal Image
    2+ years at IdealImage through Kaamwork
    IIIT, Bangalore
    “I have been associated with Kaamwork for 14+ months now, and I must say it has been a wonderful experience. The entire team is dedicated in making leaves and benefits easily accessible. I also appreciate their effort in being in constant touch to provide seamless HR support. Working remotely helps me have work-life harmony alongside the opportunity of working with the best leaders from other side of the world.”
    Pritesh Panjikar
    Pritesh Panjikar
    Frontend Developer at Ideal Image
    3+ years at Ideal Image through Kaamwork
    Promoted twice since two years
    “In India, it is difficult to find a decent paying job without migrating to a metro city. Thanks to Kaamwork for connecting me to Ideal Image and providing me this amazing opportunity to work remotely from anywhere I want. From interview to onboarding, the whole process went smoothly.”
    Tarun Goel
    Tarun Goel
    Analytics Head at Tripadvisor
    2+ years at Tripadvisor through Kaamwork
    IIM, Calcutta
    “My experience with Kaamwork has been exceptionally good. Right from the initial interviews to hiring to onboarding and now an FTE with TA. The process was super swift and the team (Nilesh specifically) was always available for every doubt. In the new 'remote' world, I think the implementation by Kaamwork has been spot on. I wish the team good luck and continue the good work.”
    Vivek Nalwade
    Vivek Nalwade
    Senior Fullstack Engineer at Ideal Image
    Came from Cimpress
    Leading Ideal Image squads in India
    ~3 years of a great ride
    “My experience with Kaamwork, from initial inquiry and right throughout the recruitment process, was entirely professional. This team has excellent interpersonal and communication skills combined with an ethic and practice that delivers on promises. The working model of Kaamwork provided me a unique opportunity to work with global clients remotely. I am very happy with the support I get from Kaamwork's team whenever required.”
    Snehil Mathur
    Snehil Mathur
    Lead Data Analyst at Advance Auto Parts
    Studied in Chicago, moved back to India
    ~4 years at Advance Auto
    Best experience of her life
    “I have been working for Kaamwork for the past 2 years. The best part at Kaamwork is their remote setup/model, you work for any client across the globe and Kaamwork makes the whole process so secure, safe, and trouble-free for you. The Management is dedicated to making sure the clients are receiving the best services and talent possible. Kaamwork has given me the job satisfaction I have always longed for! Great Pay. Great place to work.”
    Shubhra Srivastava
    Shubhra Srivastava
    Analytics Manager at Thrasio
    Best experience of her life
    Came from Amazon & BCG
    Promoted last year
    “Kaamwork is a one of the best remote work enablement and talent matching companies that I have been associated with. With their human centric approach to match talent with top companies around the world, I can vouch for their high professionalism, seamless onboarding and end-to-end HR functions. I am glad to be part of Kaamwork and how they helped me match with one of the top companies around the world.”