Equip your EOR employees, hassle-free!

Kaamwork procures and manages logistics of laptops & other equipment for your new and backfill joinees - it’s like having your own local IT Procurement Team

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Equip your EOR employees, hassle-free!

Seamless Procurement

  • You can specify the exact model of Mac/PC laptop during the onboarding process for a new employee and Kaamwork ensures the same is delivered to your employee on Day 1
  • We buy laptops from local authorized vendors with extended warranties for peace-of-mind; cross-charge on actuals so there is no markup on the procurement cost that you have to pay
Seamless Procurement

Maintain ownership, inventorize effectively!

  • By having Kaamwork buy laptops for your employees, you are cleanly maintaining full ownership of these assets - Kaamwork simply acts as a custodian
  • All configuration and control over the laptop singularly resides with your in-house IT Team
  • In cases of exits, Kaamwork can locally collect the laptop and then also ship it out to a backfill or new employee - you only pay the actual logistics costs for this service
  • At any given point, you have access to your complete inventory with serial numbers and users