Retention = Success

Kaamwork’s local support infrastructure helps you keep your team engaged & excited while also getting ahead of the curve on exit risks

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Sense of Belonging

  • Right from offer letters to benefits design to swag kits, Kaamwork ensures folks have a sense of belonging with your brand from Day 1
  • We also proactively organize sessions with your managers to align on communication and projection of the EOR team members to the rest of the organization - this ensures the right foundations for long-term success
  • Additionally, we encourage period offsites for your team members where ideally someone from your HQ also flies down to build trust, rapport and connection
Sense of Belonging


  • Regardless of whether your HRMS system is setup to include EOR employees or not, Kaamwork ensures you have the tools and local market data for appraisal cycles and feedback
  • The implementation of appraisals is a one-click process on the platform to ensure execution smoothness

Feedback Loops

  • As our local team stays connected with your folks on HR Admin related topics, we pick up and relay important clues about how your employees are feeling and areas for you to address proactively
  • Cultural nuances can at times hinder a smooth rapport between your managers and local employees - Kaamwork serves as a bridge to address these and help foster an enjoyable and enriching experience for both parties