No video call
can replicate a
day out at the  bowling alley!

Yes, remote work is great! But people miss the lunches, coffees, & general get-togethers that were a norm in the pre-Covid world. Kaamwork helps you effectively use offsites to fill the void created by remote/hybrid work models

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One-stop Execution

  • From location selection to logistics of travel and meals, as well as organization of events - leave it all to us while you focus solely on the content and substance of these events
  • We work within your budget but strive to maximize impact with every outing

Travel from HQ

  • Kaamwork always recommends to have some team members fly down from HQ, particularly if they haven’t visited the country where your EOR employees are located
  • The cultural exchanges during such events further add to the bond amongst team members as can be tangibly seen in the effectiveness right after such events