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For Companies
  • No.
  • In traditional 3rd party payroll, two things are mostly true: (1) roles are non-core or not long-term in nature, and (2) the 3rd party company is responsible for interviewing, salary negotiations, performance management, appraisals, work delivery (at least one of these if not all)
  • Both of these are untrue with Kaamwork - Company roles are core and Kaamwork has no role to play in the above-listed activities
The Company engaging you owns and manages all your career-related decisions
Each Company has its own PTO policy. Kaamwork will help administer and track your PTOs per your Company’s policy
Payroll is processed per your Company policy - in most cases, at the end of every month.
The Kaamwork portal allows you to manage your salary breakup, tax deductions, and also download payslips.
Your Company has complete flexibility to decide on benefits and Kaamwork simply helps execute and deliver the same. Kaamwork does provide top-drawer health insurance for your family as a standard benefit.
  • You can resign from your full-time employment by notifying your Company/manager, who will then inform Kaamwork of the same.
  • Depending on your notice period (as specified in the offer letter), Kaamwork will process your exit formalities including full and final settlement of all your claims and salary for the remaining days
  • The Security Deposit is equivalent to one month’s salary of your hire and we collect this upfront to ensure we never miss a payroll cycle even in cases of unforeseen delays in payments.
  • This deposit is refundable upon the end of employment with the employee or adjustable against last month’s salary in case of separation.
If you’d like to pay NET15, invoices are raised on the 1st of each month and If you’d like to pay NET30, invoices are raised on the 15th of the prior month - in either case, invoices are payable by the 15th in order to provide enough buffer to process payroll between 25th and 30th
  • Important to note that the salary you pay to an employee is not the same as your total cost of employment. The difference between the two varies by country
  • In countries like India and South Africa for example, when you offer someone a $100K salary, all statutory obligations including Social Security (or equivalent) are included so the 'total cost to the company' is the same as salary. Talent in these markets understands that the 100K is the gross figure and their take-home will be reduced after deducting statutory requirements.
  • In most other countries, the statutory cost elements are above and beyond salary.
  • In Portugal, the percentage of cost above salary is 23% whereas, in Brazil, it's almost 45%
  • Your total cost of employment is the salary plus statutory costs plus the Kaamwork fee
Invoices are generated automatically on Kaamwork per the terms and conditions of your contract
Once the company accepts and pays your invoice to Kaamwork, you will be able to log in and withdraw funds into your local bank account (you can have multiple local bank accounts).
You will be paid in the local currency of the country where your bank account is located.
No. You can make as many payments - the fee stays flat per month.
  • You pay a fixed monthly fee per active contract. For that monthly fee, you can execute as many payments to your contractors.
  • Fees automatically stop once the contract expires or is terminated
Invoices are generated periodically per your contract terms and available in the Invoices section of the dashboard.
You can top up money in your wallet and then use your balance to pay any/all outstanding contractor invoices.
Yes - common ones include medical insurance where we can get your contractor's localized coverage.
Once you access your kaamwork dashboard, you can either use a Kaamwork template contract (as vetted by our global legal partners) or upload your own.
Yes. In pretty much all countries - contractors have to upload their ID proofs and other locally required documents on the portal prior to signing their contract.
Kaamwork is a platform enabling companies to hire and engage talent anywhere in the world. We help source and then also facilitate engaging talent as direct contractors or full-time employees with an Employer of Record full-service model.
You can engage global team members either as direct contractors or as full-time employees. For direct contractors, Kaamwork will help you create and manage contracts, receive automated invoices, and make timely payments. For full-time employees, Kaamwork will serve as the local Employer of Record and provide end-to-end HR services including payroll, compliance, filings, and benefits administration
We are adding new countries rapidly. Please set up a demo call to discuss how we can help you hire colleagues as direct contractors or full-time employees pretty much anywhere in the world
  • No
  • Zero setup or upfront fees mean that you can start with 1 team member and grow across geographies either in the contractor or employee model.
Yes. Please request a demo and we will get you started
Yes. We will simply execute and deliver on what you’d like to offer. We can also recommend standard benefits depending on the country of your hire
Kaamwork can help procure and deliver assets per your specifications and cross-charge at actuals. The equipment is deemed your asset and can be transferred across your employees (we provide logistical support).
Both the salary and Kaamwork fees are prorated
  • Every country does this differently.
  • In India and South Africa for example, there is a CTC (Cost-to-Company) concept - this CTC is your total cost of employment and includes employee’s salary as well as all statutory obligations - this CTC figure is also what you list in your offer letters.
  • Most other countries require you to provide for statutory obligations above and beyond the employee’s salary. These range from ~15% in the UK to ~50% in Brazil. Use our Global Cost Calculator to derive an approximate estimate of your total cost
You can terminate an employee by triggering the action on our platform to notify your employee. Depending on the country of residence of your employee as well as terms laid out in the Employment Agreement, notice period salary will be processed and all final paperwork and financial settlement will be handled by Kaamwork.