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Kaamwork works with companies in the background to ensure you have a positive career experience - we must be doing something right for some of the world’s best brands to be building teams on Kaamwork

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Why Companies choose Kaamwork

The best employee experience, guarantted!


→ Start hiring overnight
  • Setting up a legal entity can take months with need to involve Tax, Legal, HR, and Finance teams
  • Despite being aware of the amazing talent pool, most companies suspend the thought of hiring in other countries as they get overwhelmed by the time, money, and effort required
  • Kaamwork evaporates this setup friction and enables hiring from Day 1


→ Passthrough to talent
  • Fixed Costs
    Setting up and managing an entity can cost a company material upfront fixed costs for equity capitalization and legal/setup fees  - with Kaamwork, setup or fixed fees are ZERO
  • Variable Costs
    A company has to incur anywhere from 30-50% above and beyond salaries in steady-state once entity formed - this includes transfer pricing, overheads, local taxes and compliances, among many other factors - with Kaamwork, the fees are 100% variable and fixed per month per employee - on average, these work out to ~3-8% above and beyond salaries - resulting in huge savings
  • And
    Combined, these savings are, in most cases, effective passed on to talent through higher salaries, appraisals, and bonuses


→ Avoid bureaucracy to focus on attracting and retaining top talent
  • With Kaamwork serving as the local HR partner to manage all HR Admin activities, managers can focus solely on work, career progression, and engagement of employees
  • Because of our direct and transparent model, companies are able to attract top talent currently at brands like Amazon and Expedia - the quality of talent encourages managers to assign engaging and relatively challenging/complex work which in turn leads to a sustainable career enrichment for the talent

Companies on Kaamwork

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Kaamwork is making it easier forglobal  companies to access India’s amazing talent → driving differentiated  &  unique opportunities for you