Access global talent pools with zero friction, sustainably

Kaamwork blends a tech EOR platform with localized human HR touch to help you build sustainable offshore teams with top talent while eradicating the need of building and maintaining an offshore legal entity which entail significant time, money, and resource investments

Access global talent pool with zero friction, sustainably

Our Name

  • Kaam’ in Sanskrit, which is the classical language of South Asia, literally means ‘work’. The name ‘’ or ‘kaamwork’ connects the Eastern (kaam) and Western (work) worlds to aptly reflect our vision to create a truly connected global workforce where skill and right-fit supercede physical location when making hiring decisions

Our Form

  • Kaamwork, in its current form, was founded in late 2020 with a singular vision to enable companies to build sustainable offshore teams in talent-rich markets like India. For companies, we remove the friction around legal entity setup/management as well as hiring/sourcing and onboarding talent. For talent, we multiply available career opportunities by widening the net to companies who might not have been interested in setting up local entities to hire in-market

Our Core Values

Build trust and confidence with both - talent and company
Bridge the global cultural/time gap by actively listening to and engaging company stakeholders and talent
Business model fundamentals rooted in long-term success for both - companies and talent

Our Founder

An ex Finance professional, Kaamwork is Nilesh’s second venture after his first venture Printbell, one of Asia's leading online printing platforms, got acquired by Cimpress (Vistaprint)
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Founder & CEO