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a month, per employee
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The International Employment Solution
Engage distributed colleagues as ​full-time employees with zero friction
Employer of Record Service
Payroll Processing
Customized Offer Letters with your Company Name
Background Checks
100% IP & Confidentiality Protection
Localized Employment Agreements
100% Statutory Compliance
Benefits Administration
100% Tax Compliance
24/7 Support
The Smart Hiring Solution
Hire 5x faster while saving upto 90% of sourcing and screening time with ​zero
​upfront fees
Custom Sourcing of Candidates
Access to kaamwork pre-vetted candidates
Custom Filtering of global applications
Local HR policy framework
Top-bar technical vetting with 50%+ onsite-to-offer rate
Procurement and tracking of IT equipment inventory
Equity/ESOP grant tax compliance and execution
Branded office space
Two common questions we get
1. Why engage global distributed colleagues as full-time employees with kaamwork rather than as contractors?
Three simple reasons:
The majority of the top talent seeks full-time engagement and employment as this provides a sense of sustainability and access to statutory and other employee benefits
Enforceability of IP, confidentiality, exclusivity, and non-competition/non-solicitation among other clauses in an ironclad employment agreement to protect your work
kaamwork's unique operating model also retains the only two benefits of engaging full-time folks as contractors: speed and cost
2. Why engage with kaamwork vs. employing under owned legal entity?
Three simple reasons:
Talent​: unlike months of time lag to establish your setup and brand under an owned entity setup, you start attracting and hiring top talent from Day 1 with kaamwork
Support Team Headcount / Hires (10-30% of employee cost in an owned entity)
But with kaamwork
Talent Acquisition
HR Operations + Payroll
Facilities + Hardware Teams
Finance Compliance, Filing
Financial Savings (20-30% of employee cost in an owned entity)​
But with kaamwork
Transfer Pricing
Cost of Accounting Firm
Local Taxes
Setup Investment
Frequently Asked Questions