The best employee experience, guaranteed!

We combine a 24/7 local human touch with our fully automated tech platform to ensure you have everything at your fingertips while your employees feel assured and loved

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Onboard in less than 30 seconds

  • Simply enter you new hire’s basic details along with salary to be offered to send out an automated invitation for them to start onboarding
Onboard in <30 secs

Sense of belonging from Day 0!

  • Offer Letters with your logo, local benefits package aligned with your global policies, 100% transparency on salary, ESOPs or RSUs, and any other remuneration components
Sense of Belonging

Seamless Verification

  • Your hires can upload their ID proofs, verify themselves (through Veriff or through our detailed background check service), and upload all documents pertaining to their previous employment history
Seamless Verification

Between Offer Acceptance & Date of Joining

  • Our local HR team stays in constant touch with folks to ensure they continue feeling excited and address any questions and/or concerns
  • Swag Kits with your branding and Laptops (per your specifications) are couriered closer to the Date of Joining

Post joining steady-state management

Taxes & Payslips

  • Your hires can manage all tax and compliance related submission through the platform - of course, our local experts are always available on-call for any questions
Taxes & Payslips

Access Benefits & Reimbursements

  • All benefits you offer folks are straight-pass throughs - your team members can view and claim these right from the platform
  • All business expenses (per your approved policy) can also be logged and claimed through the Reimbursements tab
  • There is an automated approval flow built-in to help your managers stay in the loop
Benefits & Reimbursements

Manage Holidays & Leaves

  • Local public holidays (including floaters) are visible to both parties to ensure preemptive planning for upcoming holidays
  • PTO (Paid Time Off) policy, as approved by you, is also implemented on the platform to help your team members plan in-advance


  • Termination, voluntary or involuntary, triggers the system to automatically calculate last working day (per notice period set at the time of offer) as well as F&F (Full & Final) Settlement amount after accounting for unused leaves, any pending bonuses, reimbursements, etc,
  • Kaamwork collects the laptop back from the team member and processes all exit formalities to ensure a smooth offboarding process