Remote, Hybrid, Office
– take your pick!

As the world moves quickly from ‘Pre’ to ‘During’ to post ‘Covid’, office needs are evolving as well - our endeavor is to support you, in the way that works best for you

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Remote, Hybrid, Office – take your pick!

Hub-and-spoke Flex Co-working options (Hybrid)

  • Kaamwork’s exclusive partnership with brands like Wework with All-Access passes ensure access across country-wide locations for your employees
  • Costs are variable and you can dial up or down as needs evolve - your teams can decide cadence, frequency,  and exact locations to work together
  • The spaces can be branded with your logos to further create a sense of belonging with he brand
  • Kaamwork manages the billing and cross-charges you on actuals to streamline the flow at your end - typical rates vary from $300-500/month/employee
  • Such a hub-and-spoke, hybrid model accelerates time to hire with a remote-first hiring strategy to access talent anywhere in the country while providing them access to Grade-A spaces

Permanent Office Space in a Specific City

  • Kaamwork can help facilitate and manage a permanent office space in a city of your choice with your branding and colors
  • Such a strategy might limit your hiring to a specific city; but might be the right strategy if you’d like you team to work together out of an office for at least 2-3 days a week
  • Pricing here varies by city and size, but the spirit of transparency stays of course