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Kaamwork’s experience and expertise in building offshore teams helps you create a custom execution plan to achieve your desired results

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Owned Legal Entity vs EOR

  • Kaamwork helps you evaluate the economics, resource investments, and talent access to help decide what approach might be best for your needs
  • As the Kaamwork model as proven across companies, a legal entity is no longer a must-have to attract top talent serious about career growth and sustainability
Own Entity vs EOR

Brand Positioning

  • Set the right foundations for your brand in a new country, communicate your story, and get talent excited - how folks perceive career growth and sustainability with your brand is key to you attracting and retaining the right talent
  • Branding extends to what benefits you offer, how you connect your remote team members with the mothership, and how much travel you inculcate both ways to foster culture
Brand Positioning

Hire Right, under the Right structure

  • Do you start with hiring a local Site Lead or a Senior Director before building the team? What local brands should you target for profiles best suited to your role? Let’s setup your hiring strategy for long-term success
  • Kaamwork’s sourcing/recruiting network enables targeted sourcing and headhunting for folks most likely to match your interview bar and culture
Hire Right

Retention Retention Retention

  • Hiring is the easy bit - what structures and mechanisms are needed to ensure folks you onboard stay excited about working with you?
  • How do you setup feedback loops, appraisal cycles, increased visibility for your offshore team members to the wider organization - answers to these help set your team up for long-term commitment

Get stakeholders at HQ excited about global expansion

  • Most likely, you have some naysayers within the organization who either have had poor experiences offshoring in the past or are too concerned about managing time zones, culture, and other aspects
  • Kaamwork will help bring these folks onboard by tapping into various such cases addressed across our existing companies - best to address such situations head-on instead of ignoring or staying passive to them
Buy-in at HQ