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How should you employ remote colleagues - Contractors, PEO, EOR, Owned Legal Entity, Friend's Legal Entity,...?
When you are hiring and employing remote workers or distributed teams, there is a lot of jargon that's thrown at you. For the record: contractors are 1099 folks, PEO is Professional Employment Organization, EOR is Employer of Record and your owned legal entity is well, your sister or subsidiary entity in the country where you'd like to employ people. The 3rd party entity (or the friend's entity) model is not a joke and I will share examples where this has really happened! I will try my best to de-clutter this massive choice-set, even at the risk of upsetting some of my lawyer and accounting friends :)Read More
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How Work From Anywhere is Changing the Hiring Landscape
Historically, jobs have always been location-driven. Companies intentionally set up their offices in cities where they felt it would be easiest to access talent. Likewise, talent migrated to those locations where their desired industry existed.Read More
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Building distributed teams at speed with full compliance
Establishing a legal entity to tap into a rich talent pool of another country is time-consuming and expensive while engaging remote workers as independent contractors highly risky. We are imaging a new, simple way to hire anywhere at speed with full compliance and a disruptive cost structure.Read More
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