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Kaamwork operates in a true partnership model with clear segregation of responsibilities & duties with a collective goal of building your long-term sustainable team

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Company is free to work with external recruiters as well but in the inception stages, Kaamwork will take 100% responsibility; recruiting fees of 10%
Scheduling Interviews
We use Calendly links of interviewers and try to wrap up interview rounds for candidates most efficiently
Your Company
Number of rounds and content decided by you
Decision to Hire
Salary Negotiation
Per your company's approved ranges
Offer Letter Signing
Automated on Kaamwork tech platform
Background Checks
Employment Agreement Signing
Local Kaamwork India Entity; automated on KW platform
Swag Kits Delivery
Per your company's specified templates
Laptop Purchase & Delivery
Per your company's specs - laptops are your company's assets; Kaamwork simply manages purchase, delivery and logistics; cross charged on actuals
Your Company
Introduction to Team
KPI Setting
Your Company
Reporting Structure
Work Delivery
Performance Evaluation
Annual Appraisal Decision
You set and approve %s per performance - we provide guardrails per local market norms but eventual decision is yours
Annual Appraisal Execution
All of the salary adjustment and related tax implications managed by Kaamwork tech platform
Salary Processing
Local Tax Compliances
Leaves Management
Automated on Kaamwork tech platform with email-based approval flow for Company Managers
Reimbursement Management
Automated on Kaamwork tech platform with email-based approval flow for Company Managers and pre-set limits set by Company
Benefits Administration
Company decides type and amount based on Kaamwork recommendations; administration and delivery managed by Kaamwork tech platform
Medical Health Insurance Management
Kaamwork offers medical insurance for ₹500K for employee's entire family included in the $499 monthly fee; all claims managed through Kaamwork portal
Physical Office Management
Your company branded office, managed by Kaamwork (optional)
Everything from booking venues to travel logistics when your company executives visit India; cross-charged on actual costs
Voluntary Termination
Kaamwork manages Full & Final Settlement subject to one month notice from the date of team member resignation
Your Company
Involuntary Termination Decision
If within probation period of [3 or 6] months, Company can let someone go with just 2 week pay; post probation, Company decision to let go with a one month notice period
Involuntary Termination Execution
Kaamwork manages all execution including suggesting any severance if applicable (depends on tenure) and all Full & Final Exit formalities
Exit Interview
Backfill Hiring
Your company's decision to backfill but executed by Kaamwork by restarting the sourcing cycle