Offer globally equitable benefits to your employees

Globally aligned benefits go a long way in making your remote colleagues build a sense of equity and belonging - Kaamwork makes this a breeze

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Offer globally equitable benefits to your employees

Customize, Customize, Customize

  • Kaamwork will suggest various options to help you design a benefits package not only on par with your global policies but also top-tier competitive locally
  • You can customize categories and amounts across PTO, medical insurance, general allowances for wellness and travel, work from home, etc.

Easy Access & Administration

  • Your team members can view, access, and utilize benefits straight from the platform
  • Approvals, where required, are automated via an email flow to help managers stay in the loop

Zero Kaamwork Fees

  • All benefits you offer to your employees are straight pass-throughs and show up in your invoices on actuals
  • Kaamwork charges zero additional fee to automate the administration of benefits offered
Zero Fee

Equity Options

  • A great retention tool, equity helps your global team members feel vested in your collective success
  • Kaamwork helps with administration and applicable tax implications so neither you nor your employee grapple with the friction around cross-border equity
Equity Options