Hire right, hire fast!

Kaamwork’s recruiter network gives you access to the best local recruiters who commit a 24-hour turnaround at flat 10% fees

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The Network Effect

  • Having facilitated sourcing of hundreds of top quality folks, Kaamwork’s recruiter network can quickly tune to your talent bar and candidate profile → this drives focused sourcing in a quick 24-hour turnaround time


  • The detailed candidate list submitted to you includes aspects like intent to join your org, communication (global standards), check for key skills, current and expected salaries → attributes that help you screen effectively

Offer Benchmarking

  • Our recruiter’s expertise also helps you decide the right salary band for new hires
  • In many cases, you also know if the candidate already has other offers necessitating the need to accelerate the process

Flat fees

  • Fees are flat 10%, regardless of which recruiter in our network fulfills the requisition. No exceptions