Access to high quality global talent for a relatively unknown tech brand

  • Ideal Image is the largest MedSpa chain in the US at the cusp of a significant digital transformation amidst COVID
  • Headquartered out of Florida with a minimal brand to attract and hire top tech talent to execute on the digitization journey, Kaamwork first helped Ideal hire a Tech Lead within days
  • Ideal had never been exposed to remote work prior to engaging with Kaamwork and so it was also important for us to work together and create a framework for building a successful remote work culture
  • Once the Tech Lead was hired and established almost instant credibility, the squad was built out with engineers and also Product and UX folks
  • As the word spread internally, we had Ideal leaders reaching out to also hire folks across Data and specific applications like Salesforce for which Ideal was previously relying on an outsourcing partner
  • Hiring folks as fulltime team members was an instant upgrade from the quality of talent and therefor delivery Ideal was used to seeing from outsourcing partners
  • Kaamwork is proud to have partnered with Ideal in their company-transformative digitization journey
What company says
Yogi Jashnani
Chief Commercial Officer
“I’ve now seen Kaamwork in action at both Ideal Image as well as my previous company - simply put, in both places, Kaamwork was the binary catalyst to drive our global hiring. At Ideal, we are finding great global talent and hiring faster than ever. Their ability to completely buffer away the typical friction associated with setting up teams in new countries is a game changer!”
Benny Millares
Director of Technology
“Kaamwork has proven to be a great strategic partner, enabling us to access highly skilled global talent while providing hassle-free administrative and onboarding services.”
What talent say
Vivek Nalawade
Senior Fullstack Engineer
“My experience with Kaamwork, from initial inquiry and right throughout the recruitment process, was entirely professional. This team has excellent interpersonal and communication skills combined with an ethic and practice that delivers on promises. The working model of Kaamwork provided me a unique opportunity to work with global clients remotely. I am very happy with the support I get from Kaamwork’s team whenever required. I would absolutely recommend this company to anybody.”
Deepali Gupta
Business Intelligence Developer
“I recently got married and never thought I would find such a good opportunity to work from home along with spending full time with my new family. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to work with Kaamwork and they are available at our disposal for any kind of help. Thanks, Kaamwork!”
Ideal Image MedSpa
Ideal Image MedSpa
Access to high quality global talent for a relatively unknown tech brand
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1001-5000 employees
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