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Roles and Eligibility
All stars have following attributes:
  • Fluent in English
  • Remote-Ready Communication Skills - see our handbook for best practices
In some cases, we might reach out for a short video chat to learn more about you
What we see (at least one) common across Stars:
  • Core contributor to significant open source project
  • Spent 2+ years at blue-chip product companies
  • Shipped a large feature at scale
  • Core member of a V1 product build
  • Managed a distributed/ remote team across borders
  • Endorsement from someone at kaamwork or a Star Badge holder
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  • Proven Proficiency in specific skills like SQL, Python, R (depending on role)
  • Spent 2+ years at well-respected companies
  • Delivered projects with tangible business impact
  • Author of research papers or publications on data topics and/or Digital Transformation
  • Deployment of Machine Learning models at scale
  • Proven experience working with large sets of data
  • Endorsement from someone at kaamwork or a Star Badge holder
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  • Rich portfolio of work with live interfaces and site
  • Deployed highly scalable sites
  • Demonstrated passion through social links or personal projects on design and research
  • Spent 4+ years across a diverse range of industries and user bases
  • Endorsement from someone at kaamwork or a Star Badge holder
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How to Apply?
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Frequently Asked Questions
Both are possible - if you are really keen on a company/job, please do apply on your own to maximize your chances.
As companies search through candidates on kaamwork or even when you apply to a job, companies will see a prominent Star Badge on your profile.
The interview process varies by company but Star Badge candidates are typically fast-tracked and even skip some of the initial screening rounds.
Having a detailed profile with project descriptions and quality of your work using the kaamwork profile page certainly will enhance your chances. At a minimum, please do upload your resume in your Profile Story section or mention your LinkedIn profile link before applying.
Yes. You can set preferences in your profile so it’s visible to companies only if you apply to their jobs.
Salary discussions are between you and your potential employer - you can mention your expected salary in your application itself.
Less than a minute.
5-7 working days is typical subject also to your availability for a short video chat.
  • A detailed kaamwork profile including a pitch video.
  • Social links (Github, StackOverflow, Kaggle, Dribble, Medium, etc.).
  • Video chat with kaamwork to learn more about your work experience and future preferences.
You can still create a solid profile and apply to jobs. We encourage you to apply again as your career evolves and you meet at least one of the attributes required for Star.
No. You can work from anywhere in the world.
Whether you are actively seeking or are a passive/opportunistic job seeker, Star is a FastPass to your next career move
Companies hiring on kaamwork reach out to you
Your applications to jobs on kaamwork get fast-tracked