Navigating the SkillMirror™

SkillMirror™ Validated Skills

All candidates go through a minimum 2 hour proctored online assessment to validate their proficiencies across skills listed here
You can filter candidates by a specific or combination of skills
Candidates can also report their proficiency across skills not assessed in the SkillMirror™ tool and these are visible on the detailed profile page for each candidate

Axes on the SkillMirror™ Map

The SkillMirror™ validated skills are mapped to axes on the chart and broadly segregated for programming/coding skills on the Y-axis and math, statistics, and business context on the X-axis
The axes labels and constituents vary per subdomain chart but the broad distribution of hard programming skills on one axis and business/foundational theory concepts on the other are consistent across all maps
Candidate scores across skills determine their relative position on the chart

Quadrant Definitions

Combinations of skills are juxtaposed against the axes to create a clustering of roles within a sub-domain
For example, in the Data Science map shown here, strong Python/SQL coding profiles are ‘Segmenters & Survival Experts’ whereas candidates with stronger statistics and business context acumen are in the ‘Behavioral & Significance Detectives’ bucket – guys with strong proficiencies across skills as represented by both axes are in the ‘Predictive Modeling Ninjas’ zone
You can hover over the tool-tip for each cluster label for more details
The idea here is to help you narrow your search to relevant candidates that fit your role needs

Individual Profile Capsules

The total cost is merely a label and the actual position of any candidate on the map is determined by their proficiencies across skills
Clicking on a capsule opens up a mini-flag which is clickable to open up the individual profile page
Each profile page has detailed SkillMirror™ assessment report, several candidate self-recorded and interview videos, as well as personality insights on the candidate
Additionally, you can connect via chat/video and also hire directly through the respective action buttons on the candidate’s profile page

SkillMirror™ Walkthrough

Why do we need the SkillMirror™?

On one hand, job descriptions and role definitions have become repetitive and generic – almost never doing justice to the actual work at hand.

On the other hand, resumes are getting crowded with a laundry list of skills as a way to maximize interview calls under the premise of keyword searches driving shortlisting of resumes.

The iterative loop of keyword searches for poorly defined roles leading to heaps of irrelevant resumes results in a significant wastage of energy on both sides.

The SkillMirror is a fresh reset at both ends:

Bottom-up: validate candidate skills through a battery of online assessments with topical and coding questions, case studies, and video-recorded interviews
Top-down: define clusters of work/roles within each domain and map relevant combinations of the validated skills to each cluster

As a result, candidates are able to identify roles best suited to their current set of skills and companies can almost instantly zoom onto a cluster of candidates most suitable for their role needs.