Zargham Ahmed Danial
Scaler Academy
Jadavpur University
Nothing specified
Career Journey
Apr 2019 - Dec 2020
1 yr 8 mos
• Developing a Web based application named GoPedal from scratch which find bikes for people
to move from place A to place B.
• Used python for the code with Flask framework in the Backend and HTML and CSS in the
frontend maintaining an MVC architecture.
• Used MySQL to store data
• Working on Google Maps API to use real location based service after testing on dummy cases.
A web application for bike rental across the city
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Trip Planner
Apr 2019 - Dec 2020
1 yr 8 mos
• Built a Trip Planner web based application from scratch using Java's Spring Boot
and Hibernate frameworks in Backend maintaining an MVC architecture in the
Hackathon organised by Scaler Academy.
• Used API for getting latitudes and longitudes of Top Attractions in the city to get the
crow-fly distances between them.
• Used the help of Travelling Salesman Problem to chalk out the shortest path to visit the Top Attractions
• Trying to add more features like weather and traffic in the future.
A Web Application for planning a hassle free trip in a new city
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Scaler Academy
Backend Developer
Apr 2019 - Dec 2020
1 yr 8 mos

Data Structures & Algorithms, Low Level Design, High Level Design, Projects
Backend Course
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Semantic Similarity Analysis
Jul 2015 - Jul 2019
4 yrs
• Worked on an Semantic Similarity Analysis in Bengali Language under Prof. Diganta
Saha which is based on NLP
Developed an infrastructure to pick out the best answer for a given question among a set
of answers.
Achieved An Accuracy of 97.32%
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Jadavpur University
Bachelor Of Engineering
Jul 2015 - Jul 2019
4 yrs

Object Oriented Programming
Computer Networks
Operating Systems
Database Management System
Data Structures & Algorithms
Degree: Bachelor Of Engineering
Category: Computer Science
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Success Statement
I am motivated by Helping Others and Influence, I work in Steady and Decisive ways, and my ideal work allows forWorking with facts and New Solutions
Life Priority
Personal Development
Continuous improvement is important for maximizing potential. Situations that involve interactions with experts and mentors, in addition to more traditional learning experiences, can feed the drive to develop both personally and professionally.
Feeling secure is a basic human need, and right now financial stability is top of mind. Creating a backup plan and getting financial advice from an expert can be steps on the path to stability.
Experiencing a sense of victory is important and can be found in a variety of places.Seeking our work situations where performance is measured against objective standards (selling, fundraising, etc.) can fuel a winning drive.