Nilay Jhala
I joined the IT industry in 1981, when it was at a very nascent stage. The industry was more like an EDP department of MNCs/large corporates in India. In 80s and 90s, many IT companies supporting global customer with Onsite and Offshore methodologies came up. In terms of technology too, IT in India moved from Fortran/Basic to dBase/Clipper to C/C++ to .Net/Java to Cloud/Mobility technologies. I was fortunate to be part of this change.
I started managing onsite/offshore projects and customer management at a very early stage in my career (1986). I was also able to learn newer technologies with each new employer. I retired from Hexaware on 31st January 2019, where I was playing multiple roles - managing deliveries (USD 20+ M), handling the delivery center (1600+ consultants), handling global purchases of the company and was a core team member of the infrastructure development team.
I have had the opportunity of managing customers in all five continents. Have also worked with different industry segments like Healthcare, Education, BFS, Manufacturing, Services, Energy, Travel and Transport, Insurance, Retail etc.
Now with Masters in Machine Learning I think I can add lot of value based on my past experience.
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Career Journey
Machine Learning Engineer
Mar 2019 - Nov 2020
1 yr 9 mos

It was Online-cum-classroom training with 3 Hackathons (team based)
Masters in Machine Learning
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Vice President
Hexaware Technologies Ltd
Company Location
Mumbai, Mahārāshtra, India
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Success Statement
I am motivated by Supporting Others and Practicality, I work in Cautious and Decisive ways, and my ideal work allows forWorking with facts and Working with People
Life Priority