Lambda School

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Lambda School teaches people the skills they need to be career ready. Thanks to our proven curriculum and reputation with employers, students graduate ready to impact your business on day one.

Lambda School is 100% live and online, and uses interactive technology to teach people the tech skills they need to launch a new career in just 9 months.


hours of coding experience


live class attendance to graduate


Screening Process
A bar as high as your hiring standards

Lambda School has a rigorous application process and only accepts 7% of applicants to each cohort, helping to ensure that every student has the grit.
Founding Team

Austen Allred

Co-founder & CEO
“The traditional risk equation of education is deeply flawed. It places an overwhelming burden on the individual – not the educators. I co-founded Lambda School with the underlying hypothesis that if we eliminate risk and align the incentives of students and schools on a large enough scale, we can democratize access to career and income mobility.”