Unum ID

San Francisco, California, United States
At Unum ID, we’re building one identity online for each human offline. We provide “sharified” identity: shared, verified identity. Our software links many verifications about a user into one identity that’s shared across companies. This makes knowing who’s who online easy, inexpensive, and secure.
Why Work With Us
We're an intense, fun-loving team doing everything in our power to change online identity. When you join us, we'll ask for the best work of your life, and we'll give you ours in return. Together, we'll have the chance to build a fundamental layer of technology for the future Internet, and we'll have a blast doing it.
We received free office space from Samsung (one of our investors), which came with an enormous selection of office snacks, including bottles from these two famous bubbly water brands. After a careful, competitive experiment, we determined that even the best of us are only barely able to detect any difference!
Founding Team

Aidan McCarty

Co-founder and CEO


Liam McCarty

Co-founder and Co-CEO
Co-Founder of Unum ID (, a startup backed by Samsung and selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick. I'm a Stanford Physics alum and a scientist at heart. The sociopolitical context of technology fascinates (and worries) me; I wrote about it in my book Data and Power. I love to write music in my free time.