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London, London, City of, United Kingdom
The Tyk API Management platform is helping to drive the connected world and power new products and services. We’re changing the way that organisations connect any number of their systems and services.
Whether internal, external, public or highly encrypted systems, Tyk helps businesses drive value across the retail, finance, telecoms, healthcare, or media industries (to name just a few!) If you’ve banked online, used an app to check the news, or perhaps even driven a connected car, API’s, and by extension, Tyk, make that possible.
With offices in London, Atlanta and Singapore, we have many thousands of users of our B2B platform across the globe. Brands using Tyk range from Singapore Post and Skills Future Singapore, to global organisations like the Financial Times, and Starbucks. We have a varied user base hailing from every continent – even Antarctica.

Our Mission
The internet started by connecting mainframes, by the end of the 20th century 600m desktop and laptop computers exchanged email and web-traffic.Today around 15 billion ‘things’ are connected to the internet, growing at a rate of a billion per year.
Tyk are committed to enabling interconnectivity between systems and between devices. We’ve started by building an API Management platform.
Why Work With Us
We offer unlimited paid holidays and remote working from anywhere in the world, for everyone – for real. Why? A good work-life balance is really important to our founders. And also, we believe that our team will achieve the best results if we give them freedom and flexibility.
Tech Stack

Founding Team

Martin Buhr

CEO and Founder
Technologist with over 14 years experience in digital, with experience ranging from heading up development teams, technical architecture, back-end and interface development, to project management and business development. With a strong focus on humanising technology, I have broad experience with scoping, business development, RFP's and pitching as well as public speaking and advocating technology to a wide range of audiences.