NextGen Code Company

We help our partners leverage technology to improve business.
Austin, Texas, United States
NextGen Code Company was founded in Lubbock Texas by a group of experienced freelance coders. After years of building relationships within the tech community, the founding team decided to combine their talents and join forces to create NextGen. With a heavy focus on technology related consulting the team doesn’t just understand the code, they understand the problems that they are solving. NextGen has four core founding members. These members all come from different backgrounds and educations which makes the team exceptionally powerful. By combining all their different styles of thinking, they are able to unfold the most powerful solutions possible.
NextGen has taken on several complex projects for their partners, ranging from graphic design, websites, web/mobile apps, UI/UX design, internal business solutions and many more. Combining technology and experience, NextGen believes any dream a partner has can be turned into reality with the right knowledge and code.