Kryptos Logic

The actionable threat intelligence service
Los Angeles, California, United States

Kryptos Logic is a company of computer security experts which develops cybersecurity solutions. The company’s offerings have been developed from years of security and threat intelligence experience in numerous industries including including academic, government, and commercial. Kryptos Logic has developed widely used security products, publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, and regularly participates and is acknowledged by leading industry sponsored events and conferences.

Threat-based Defense - Kryptos provides a suite of services and solutions to disrupt attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Dynamic Security - Cyber Security is not solved by all-in-one products, compliance, or regulation it is a triage of solutions that enables the ability to see ahead, the agility to change tactics, and the capability to respond to advanced threats.

Enhanced Incident Response - Kryptos Tactics is a framework designed to enhance incident response your organization.