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New York, New York, United States
At Hyperscience, we work everyday to help enterprises process documents and extract valuable data insights more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Our proprietary, machine learning solution automates up to 95% of data entry at over 99.5% accuracy, including handwritten, cursive and printed typed text, and continues to improve over time. By reducing the costs associated with data entry, we enable global organizations to focus on core business activities and provide better, faster service to their customers. We’re applying cutting-edge technologies to solve problems with real human impact, and we’re looking for individuals to join our teams in New York City, Sofia, Bulgaria, and London, UK.
Why Work With Us
We believe good ideas come from the combination of deep expertise in an area and imagination. We’re solving real pain points with innovative, intelligent technology, and we’re looking for exceptional talent to join our teams in New York City and Sofia, Bulgaria. Join Us!
Tech Stack
Application & Data
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Business Tools
G Suite
Font Awesome
Founding Team

Peter Brodsky

CEO and Founder
Prior to founding HyperScience, Peter was a Director at Soundcloud, where he led an engineering team that built audio fingerprinting, genre classification and audio recommendations based on audio analysis and user behavior. Peter graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University.
Peter lives in New York and enjoys spending time with his two daughters, Emma and Zara, and his fiancée, Ana. He is also fluent in a handful of languages and is an amateur sailor and commercial pilot.

Krasimir Marinov

Co Founder
Prior to founding HyperScience, Krasi had worked at a series of early-stage, high-growth companies, where he took an active role in ensuring the agility of the engineering process to meet quality, on-time product delivery.
Krasi holds a Master’s Degree from the Technical University of Sofia. He lives in Sofia and enjoys traveling and discovering new places with his wife and three kids on the weekends.

Vladimir Tzankov

Software Engineer, Founder
Prior to founding HyperScience, he led Research & Development at Instinctiv, a start-up providing music recommendations and audio content identification services that was acquired by SoundCloud in 2012. He has led R & D projects across diverse industries, including energy, surveillance, military and advertising.
Vlad holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Sofia University.