Sync customer data to your sales and marketing tools
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1-10 employees
Hightouch.io (YC S19) syncs customer data from your database, data warehouse, or data lake into your sales and marketing tools. Business users can’t get data into their tools without an engineer’s help – this can take weeks to months and usually involves writing brittle pipelines that require frequent changes and maintenance.

With Hightouch.io, you simply enter a SQL query into our tool, and then visually map how the results should show up in your downstream tools. Our most popular destinations include Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, Zendesk, Facebook ads, Google ads, Slack, and Airtable.

We're growing quickly, recently closed some big-name logos, and looking to hire across multiple key roles.
Founding Team
Kashish Gupta
Founder of Hightouch (YC S19) • ML@Penn • VC@BVPLinkedin