HeadsUp surfaces actionable product interaction data to sales, marketing and success teams, enabling them to more effectively target customers.
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
HeadsUp helps revenue teams operationalize data by making it accessible and actionable. HeadsUp is designed to be implemented and used by solely by the revenue persona, who might have no technical expertise. Taking existing data within your data warehouse, we enable the revenue persona to create actionable metrics. We have templates that allow metrics to be created automatically. These metrics can then be tuned and modified via a user interface. Once the metric is created, HeadsUp transfers that metric into the tools that the revenue personas use daily—Salesforce, Gainsight, etc.

We are somewhat limited in the types of metrics and visuals we can show in Salesforce and Gainsight, as we are constrained by their data structures and existing user interface. For example, we can't display an interactive visualization that's clickable, and that can be quite actionable. To overcome this, HeadsUp will also host a separate Account and Contact page with interactive, actionable visuals. To reduce the pain of context switching, revenue personas will be able to access this page from an account page in Salesforce.
Founding Team

Momo Ong

Former FB PM and Startup Head of Product

Earl Lee

Building something new. Joined as 3rd hire at FiscalNote (Series D, B2B SaaS), helping build out product and engineering to get us to 2,000+ customers, ~400 employees, and $50M+ VC. Briefly invested at Costanoa Ventures (Seed/Series A, B2B SaaS). Helped EIR at Benchmark with product & GTM. Learned formal business at Harvard. Previously, studied Computer Science at Yale and wrote code as an intern at Google.