Frontastic GmbH

Agile Frontend-as-a-Service for CMS and e-Commerce Systems
Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
In the API-economy Frontastic is the standard for management and delivery of digital customer experiences on every device. We make customers and developers happy by empowering companies to easily test, deliver and scale outstanding digital experiences in a smart and efficient way. That's why we offer the best development experience by integrating all relevant API-based systems and all relevant visual endpoints - today and in the future.

Frontastic is developing and providing a Frontend as a Service for all API driven infrastructures. It includes integrations to many eCommerce and Content Management Systems like commercetools, About You Cloud, Shopify Plus and contentful. There are different product lines available for SMB as well as Enterprise businesses. Agencies rely on Frontastic for faster project rollouts and more scalable and predictable projects. Online Manager love Frontastic because of its simple and fast forward interface and because they can implement their ideas w/o waiting for developers. Last but most important: Visitors are enthusiastic about the speed and response behaviour of the single page application.