Career mentorship platform
Mumbai, Mahārāshtra, India
ForeignAdmits is a Technology empowered Mentorship based platform with an aim of Generic but Personalised guidance by target university & field specific mentors. The AI & ML-based tools for Profile Evaluation, Analysis and Application Management making the whole process of application- competent, time saving, efficient, transparent, and better in quality. It ensures unbiased suggestions and enough information/ data for judicious decision making by applicants for better offers from Universities. The students will have access to step-wise end to end guidance from planning to apply to these universities to actually gain admission and joining these universities. Students will be assigned, personal mentors.
These mentors are graduates from some of the best universities in the world like Stanford, MIT, UC Berkley, Purdue, UT Austin, UIUC, TU Delft, ETH Zurich, EPFL, UBC, University of Toronto etc. These mentors will have personal interaction sessions/ chats/ conversations with the students and will provide them invaluable guidance in the profile building, application process ( including SOP making, applications, letter of recommendations etc.) to finding accommodations once admits have been received.

We have been recognized among the Top 50 Impact Startups by Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Institute in 2019. We have also been selected as the top 75 startups in India and featured on Doordarshan (DD Chandana) under an MHRD supported initiative.
Why Work With Us
Passionate to work in the education space? Are you an independent worker? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment?
ForeignAdmits works only with the best of breed talent. If you see yourself flourishing in the education guidance field and excel at what you do, we want to hear from you! We are always open to innovative ideas and partnerships.
We are a team of IIT & Top International Colleges alumni-led education enthusiasts who are on the mission to enable masses to have access to quality education.
Working at ForeignAdmits, you will not only get to explore your core competencies but also develop new competencies and have a cross-functional and cross-vertical experience with a diverse and growth mindset oriented team from multiple geographies.
Our global team of counsellors has also acquired their degrees from premier institutes and are passionate about sharing their experiences with students worldwide.
Our team composed of researchers, management consultants, technical leads from top universities and top technology companies across the world.

Founding Team

Nikhil Jain

Co-founder & CE0
Helping students & professionals achieve their dream career via right fit education. Making Career Choices smarter. I am a Researcher turned Entrepreneur who left his funded PhD to solve one important problem in education and employment at a global scale for students & careerists. Building a go-to-platform for Career & Higher Education needs with using AI, Data-Science & Experiential Mentorship. My Journey- From a middle class & average academic background to cracking IIT-JEE to getting into IIT BHU & bagging multiple jobs offers worth INR 2.8mn. My greatest learning is that Mentorship matters the most. Having a struggling financial background to becoming a scholarship student for my Bachelors, Masters & Ph.D., I learned, Planning Matters. From being a 7 pointer student in a bachelor with a supplementary to 10 pointer students in PhD 🎓, I learned, Nothing is Impossible with Hard Work. From getting a 5.92 as semester pointer in Mining Engineering courses to publishing few International Journal papers & 2 book chapters in the Oil & Gas sector (reviewed by Lt. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam & Dr CNR Rao), I learned, interest & passion can push you to do wonders. From wasting my 1st Summer Holiday to doing over 20 Internships in a span of 5yrs from Unpaid to 1.5L/month from India & US, I learned networking & upskilling matters. From 1 campus placement to 28 off-campus job offers, I learned that companies respect to experience, commitment & skill sets more. From rejecting all those jobs offers & joining a funded PhD to pursue my project, I learned that it's okay to go & do different things that challenge you. Doing 3yrs of research at India's top college & an Australian College & then dropping out from my PhD for my startup-, I learned, the difference in education systems globally & in India. Higher education aspirants are in dire need of quality mentorship, personalized planning & right awareness.