Flatfile Inc.
We're a fully remote company, and our goal is to be the best remote job in the world.
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11-50 employees
Flatfile (flatfile.io) was built to transform the data import experience from painful to productive. Simple to install with just a few lines of code, Flatfile’s Importer has an elegant, easy-to-use experience that reduces frustration and increases delight. As the world’s first intuitive data importer, Flatfile leverages aggregate learnings from its massive user base to improve the import process over time without any additional manual effort. The Flatfile team, led by co-founders David Boskovic and Eric Crane, has years of experience building and scaling SaaS applications for companies like Envoy, FullStory, and HubSpot.
Why Work With Us
We're a fully remote company, and our goal is to be the best remote job in the world. We take our remote culture seriously, and just because we all don’t work in the same place doesn’t mean that we should miss out on a thoughtful work environment.
Our values
  • Serve human beings: We put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We serve human beings who have thoughts, emotions, and dreams. And we help them accomplish those dreams. The world will be better, because of us.
  • Lead the way: We demonstrate leadership in the world by thinking hard about what we do and how we do it. And we lead each other, too, through the challenges of business and life.
  • Escape from comfort: We treat adversity as a stepping stone rather than a setback. We don’t wait for permission to step up or stand out. We’re proactive about involving others in our work. We want their thoughts and feedback. And as a result, we get better, every day. We have to, if we want to build a truly great business.

Founding Team
Eric Crane
Co-founder & COO Linkedin

David Boskovic
Founder and CEOLinkedin