India's first payments app for teenagers
Bengaluru, Karnātaka, India
FamPay is India’s first payment app for teenagers and their families. With FamPay, minors can do UPI, P2P and card payments without the need to set up a bank account. FamPay allows parents to send money to their kids below the age of 18, which they can spend securely any time, anywhere, under parent’s supervision. FamPay aims at making payments smooth and fun for children.
Why Work With Us
Why should you join us?
Every once a while, a product comes to life that makes people think, why this was not done earlier? The users love it, the investors dream about the great returns and the team feels the joy and pride every day. We have strong indicators for users and investors and we are building the team, that will have stories to tell all their life.
We believe that a great product is built by a high-quality team that finds purpose and joy in the work and we put heavy emphasis on having fun at work.

Our story has been crazy
Having all crazy and fun characters in it, our story has been a crazy one. Isme drama bhi hai, thrill bhi aur suspense bhi.
We call ourselves The fam - Most crazy, weird and fun people that you could be with in a room!
The values we live for:

  • Must have vs Good to have: this helps in prioritizing the work right, building the most important things and keeping the pace up
  • We over me, always: we strongly believe in the power of team. Individually we are a drop, and together we are an ocean
  • User is the King: that's our thought process for decision making. Always think about the user first
  • Do whatever it takes: nothing should stop the execution. Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done
Founding Team

Sambhav Jain

The celebrity dancer!

Kush Taneja

Jatt ludhiana da!