Helping people and businesses understand online information- creating a better Internet and empowering decision-making
London, London, City of, United Kingdom
We are a London based startup developing cutting-edge contextual understanding algorithms, driven by unique communities and experts. Our goal is to reduce online misinformation & abusive content from the internet, using unique algorithms to classify content in subtle ways. We also strive to empower companies to find richer, actionable explainable insights that help them make better decisions.
Why Work With Us
We believe subject matter experts can help us build a better product. We regularly collaborate with experts who help us assess the quality of online content and identify misinformation, bias, hate speech and more.
Founding Team

Dhruv Ghulati

Co-founder & CEO
I transitioned my career from investment banking to product management for deep tech companies (mainly web crawling, contextual search and natural language processing). I've launched software concepts in the early stage (Techstars, Entrepreneur First). I understand how to grow a business but also the broad components that go into building AI. I have a CS degree. I co-founded Factmata ( with my two professors at university, to tackle the problem of misinformation on the internet. I like hard work, practicality, open information, transparency, the future of the web, artificial intelligence and building highly technical data products. I am a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Technology, CogX "UK AI Rising Star" 2018, UNESCO Innovator, and Top 100 BAME Leader in Technology.