Entrepreneur First

We bring together extraordinary people from academia and industry to found the next generation of global tech companies
London, London, City of, United Kingdom
The world is missing out on some of its most impactful people.

Many of the most exceptional technologists, engineers and business minds aren’t considering entrepreneurship as a career option, severely limiting their potential for impact on the world. Entrepreneur First is the world’s leading talent investor. We believe the best way for the most impactful & ambitious people to fulfil their potential is to build companies. We transform their lives by enabling them to become founders.

Since 2012, we’ve pioneered a new model of company creation: we bring together extremely talented people from academia and industry to build the next generation of globally ambitious technology startups from scratch. We fund individuals in London, Singapore, Berlin, Paris, Bangalore and Toronto to find a world-class co-founder, develop an idea with support from a network of experienced mentors, and raise money from the world's best investors.

Over 2,000 individuals have taken our programmes, creating 200+ companies and raising over $500m of investment with a combined valuation of over $2 billion. EF companies include Magic Pony Technology (AI, acquired by Twitter), Represent (social commerce, acquired by CustomInk), BloomsburyAI (acquired by Facebook), Tractable (AI), Cleo (fintech), OpenCosmos (space), CloudNC (manufacturing), Transcelestial (satellite communications) and many more.

We're backed by some of the world's best tech founders and investors, including Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Greylock Partners, Founders Fund, Demis Hassabis (Google Deepmind) and Taavet Hinrikus (TransferWise). It matters what ambitious people do with their lives. ~ Find out more and apply to join our next cohorts in London, Singapore, Bangalore, Paris, Berlin & Toronto at