DraftKings provides online daily and weekly fantasy sports contests for cash prizes in major sports.
Boston, New York, United States
We’re re-imagining sports and technology. DraftKings is bringing sports fans closer to the games they love and becoming an essential part of their experience in the process. An industry pioneer since our founding in 2012, we believe we can continue to define what it means to be a technology company in sports entertainment. We are the signature tech startup of our generation in Boston. DraftKings makes sports better and better sports fans by creating the ‘Game Inside the Game.’ We exist to bring fans closer to the games they love. We make sports better by making better sports fans.
Why Work With Us

As a technology company at our core, DraftKings believes that the best innovation comes from diverse perspectives, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and experiences. We consistently push boundaries and challenge the conventional to ensure our culture and products reflect the expectations of our employees, and the customers we serve.
We’re proud to believe that your gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, status as a protected veteran, or status as an individual with a disability should have nothing to do with our hiring practices. We’ll never discriminate against anyone’s background or creed. If you’re good at what you do, we want you to do it at DraftKings.

Culture of Ideas - Driven by Collaboration The goal was a game. We created an industry. And this is just the beginning... Bringing talented people together and letting them do what they love not only makes us a better company, it makes us better people. DraftKings is a place where teamwork and pioneers drive innovation. We're having fun and changing an industry. At DraftKings, we pride ourselves on being an original, continuous game changer. We encourage a collaborative and fun work environment where innovation is a way of life.