Artificial Intelligence for the $12 Trillion Construction Industry
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The $12 Trillion construction industry accounts for close to 13% of Global GDP. Yet, over 90% of big construction projects experience cost overruns that average 80% of original estimates and schedule delays that average 20 months. Why? Because project managers don't have real-time visibility into the biggest factor affecting costs - labor productivity. Doxel is an artificial intelligence and computer vision-based system that delivers significant productivity increases to commercial construction projects.

Doxel uses autonomous devices to visually monitor every inch of a project, then feeds this data to its proprietary deep learning algorithms. The algorithms then inspect the quality of installed work and measure installed quantities in real time. This enables project managers to react to inefficiencies almost immediately and boost productivity as much as fifty percent.

Why Work With Us
Doxel’s team consists of some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley that include PhDs, engineers, business leaders and civil engineering professionals on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, graduates from Stanford University and with experience at organizations such as Google Advanced Technologies & Projects.
Doxel is backed by Andreessen Horowitz - famed investor that also backed Facebook, Coinbase, Slack, Airbnb, Github and Lyft.
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Robin S.

Saurabh Ladha
Co-Founder and CEOLinkedin