Dhyan Networks and Technologies

To deliver exceptional value to our customers
Chennai, Tamil Nādu, India
Dhyan is premier solutions company, providing management software as well as services to companies in the telecom, networking and energy markets. Our goal is to give our customers an "unfair"​ competitive advantage and enabling them to deliver a world class management system quickly and cost effectively. To maintain a cutting edge Dhyan remains focused on the management software area and do not offer solutions in other areas. Dhyan has expanded its reach by offering management solutions to various domains like telecommunications, smart grid and enterprises. At the heart of Dhyan's software product portfolio is DMS (Dhyan Management Systems) technology which consists of pre-built scalable components in the topology, fault, configuration, performance and security areas. DMS technology has been customized as products NetMan® and SmartMan® for two key markets Telecom/Networking and Smart Grid respectively.
Why Work With Us
We believe a company is only as strong and vibrant as its employees. At Dhyan, we take pride in creating an environment that is nurturing yet challenging, and fun as well as rewarding for our team members. If you are serious about a career, you should consider not only the "what" and "how" of potential jobs, but also "why" you would want to work there.