Crimson Insights

A technology consulting firm
Gurgaon, Haryāna, India
Crimson Insights thrives on the amalgamation of technology expertise and business strategy to engender insights which are critical to the growth of technology giants in the rapidly evolving and competitive markets.We help our clients deliver and perform with greater efficiency and agility by helping them with the right information at the right time. We are your Global Technology Consultants.
Why Work With Us
We are a patent search firm that has researchers who have won several global crowd sourced prior art search contests. Our search report is highly comprehensive and includes element wise claim charts. Our claim charts are not plain vanilla charts, along with each claim element mapping we also provide our detailed explanation for the mapping. We have worked with the top IP law firms based in the US. We boast of our non patent literature search. We have mastered the skill of digging up Website Archives on Wayback Machine for the best prior arts.
Our team houses a diverse group of scientists, engineers, consultants and enthusiasts. Our team members come from some of the best technology and business schools including IITs, IIMs, and other top schools. With rich and diverse work experience with technology giants like Microsoft and consulting firms, Our team is a mix of people who have worked with niche cutting edge technologies and people who helped drive strategic business decisions.
Founding Team

Pranav Soin

CEO and Co-Founder