CoderPad helps you hire better candidates faster, with an intuitive live programming environment
San Francisco, California, United States
CoderPad is on a mission to fix the technical interviewing process. By focusing on the candidate experience and building a product that allows interviews to be done in whichever language the candidate is most comfortable in, we make it easy to quickly get a quality signal of an engineer’s skills. More than 1,500 companies have conducted over 2.5 million CoderPad interviews since our launch in 2013.
Why Work With Us
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco, CoderPad serves over 1,500 customers and has hosted more than 2 million technical interviews in 30+ languages. CoderPad is a simple yet powerful online technical assessment software that makes it easy to interview in the candidate’s language of choice so hiring managers can quickly get a quality signal of an engineer’s skills.
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CoderPad will forever remain devoted to being a company for developers, built by developers. We believe what makes us different makes us smarter. Building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization is good for us, our customers, and our community. Our employees have the opportunity to help people get jobs and grow their companies every single day. And, we’re hiring.
Founding Team

Amanda Richardson

CEO at CoderPad | Advisor | Board Member
I am a tech leader with deep experience in product management, data and analytics, corporate strategy, operations and marketing. I am recognized for consistently driving results, creating organizational alignment and execution, and driving new initiatives and change.