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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Bynder is the fastest way to professionally manage digital files. Teams get on the same page for real-time collaborative edits and approvals, easy file sharing and storage, auto-formatting for channels and file types - it provides one central hub for all company materials and messaging. With company creative at your fingertips, your next big idea is a click away.

It has been 4 years since we all joined one big adventure called Bynder. Time flies, and at Bynder it's at lightning speed. We have grown from just bunch of guys at a kitchen table to an international company with more than 300 employees worldwide. Our product has become more complex and so has our proposition to clients.
Why Work With Us
We, Byndies, are passionate, innovative and never stand still. We aim for the impossible, challenge the status quo and enjoy endless growth opportunities every single day. Everyday we give our best and experience how our branding automation solution conquers the world and powers over 300 brands across the globe.
Founding Team

Chris Hall

Founder and CEO
I've been enjoying building new and exciting online businesses since '97 and started Label A in 2008 and Bynder in 2013. I have a keen eye for interfaces an can be pretty picky about design details. However, having been programming since before I can remember, I'd also like to think I understand the developers too. Together with the insanely talented and driven team, we're working on surprising our customers every day by simply nailing tech&design.