Braid Health

Hospital & Health Care
San Francisco, California, United States
At Braid Health we believe access to diagnostic imaging expertise should be fast, secure, seamless, and universal. Our focus is on empowering radiologists and healthcare providers to deliver diagnoses for patients when and where it’s needed, making a positive impact on fellow human lives across the globe.
Why Work With Us
Our goal at Braid Health, like @CarbonHealth, is to service both providers and patients with access to the best care. Today, we are excited to announce that our solution is live at all of their 7 clinics with imaging capabilities.
Founding Team

Kevin Quennesson

CEO and Co-Founder
At Twitter, I built and lead the Twitter Cortex team (deep learning & AI) through hiring & acquisitions: Madbits (deep learning, 2014), Whetlab (meta learning, 2015), Magic Pony Technologies (visual codecs/super resolution/GANs, 2016) and IXOMOXI (AR, 2016). My roles went from engineer, to tech-lead, manager, PM, and corp-dev sponsor. Those teams are now at the core of all Twitter products & revenue. At Apple, I built the first apps for iPhone (used in iPhone SDK 1.0 keynote) and with Quart Composer, created the building blocks used for core iPad & iPhone experience design (& later all of Facebook).