AppOmni empowers organizations to easily secure, manage, and monitor applications in the public cloud.
San Francisco, California, United States
Founded in 2018, AppOmni empowers organizations to easily secure, manage, and monitor applications in the public cloud. Unlike traditional security and management tools, AppOmni deeply understands SaaS applications and cloud platforms, and operates on the authorization and data-access layers. Designed and built by Security Experts with over 50 years of collective experience, AppOmni provides our customers with meaningful and on-demand visibility into the cloud
Why Work With Us
Our team builds world-class security automation that is easy to use, impactful to our customers, and meaningfully improves the security of their SaaS applications. At the core of this process are a few values which drive all that we do.
Our Values
Build Trust with Transparency
We believe in being a trusted and transparent partner to our customers, and we are fervent about providing them with high-quality, useable, and dependable software.
Design & Build for Quality
We believe in cultivating excellence – within ourselves, and in the work that we do. We are determined to make a difference, to positively impact our way of life by securing the technology that is changing the world.
Focus on the Human Side of Technology
Autonomous schedules, flexible commutes, and freedom from punching a clock means our team is empowered to enjoy life, work when inspired, and available when needed.
Founding Team

Brendan O’Connor

CEO and Co-founder
Brendan is a 20 year veteran of the security industry. Prior to founding AppOmni, he was Security CTO at ServiceNow. Before joining ServiceNow, Brendan spent 10 years at Salesforce where he led Salesforce’s global information security organization as CSO. Prior to his role as CSO, Brendan was VP Product Security at Salesforce. Brendan has also worked in the Financial Services and Communications sectors. His past experience includes work as a vulnerability researcher, security engineer, and privacy advocate. He is passionate about securing the technology that connects the world.

Brian Soby

CTO and Co-founder
Brian has held security leadership roles at Salesforce and in the financial tech industry. Prior to founding AppOmni, he founded a cloud software security consultancy. Brian served as Director of Security at Taulia and managed all security functions, including product/application security, compliance, physical security, and corporate information security. Before that, Brian was the Director of Product Security at Salesforce and a Lead Security Engineer at MITRE.