App Street Software

Disrupting Tech Outsourcing
Gurgaon, Haryāna, India
App Street, founded in 2010 by technology enthusiasts, provides digital solutions for businesses and ideas. We develop in-house products, customised products and provide resources-on-demand to the clients. We specialise in Mobile Applications, UI/UX Design, Website Development, Backend and Analytics & Reporting. We are proud in bringing simplicity in end-user experience.
Why Work With Us
We are crazy enough to be in office until 4 am on a Saturday night to fix that bug, but we are crazier to have beers at 4 pm on a sunny Thursday afternoon !We love our work and are passionate about solving tech challenges. We aspire to build applications with unparalleled user experience that our clients and customers both enjoy.Join us to challenge yourself, learn new skills and have fun while making a difference in everything you do.

Our culture is built on a kaleidoscope of free ideas and ethics. We believe that being open and transparent allows us to connect with the right people both for recruitment and business. We are creating a workplace culture where innovation, technology and ownership thrive. With a good balance between work and fun, we aim to achieve our goals with a belief that continuous improvement is the key to success.

Founding Team

Naman Singhal

Founder and CEO
Alumni of IIT Delhi, Naman is the brains behind App Street and fills the the void between product and tech. He is driven by passion of simplicity in end user experience. He is an auto enthusiast, loves long drives and can binge watch indefinitely.

Pranav Chaturvedi

Founder and CTO
An alumni of IIT Delhi, Pranav is the tech aficionado. He is one of the rare guys who prefers terminal over IDE. Give him any stack or any code and watch him go. He loves birdwatching and catching up with latest in the tech world.